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From a shared dream of Avv. Giulio Graziani and Avv. Antonello Leogrande was born freebly®, the first benefit company among lawyers in Italy. An innovative model of law firm that, in addition to providing services of high professional standard, operates in a conscious manner for the pursuit of goals of common benefit and for a fair and sustainable social development.

freebly® is a neologism that arises from the fusion of the words Freedom and Flexibility, existential concepts at the basis of the value system of society.

The values on which the study is based are:
Sincerity: act with intellectual honesty and create straightforward relationships.
Sharing: share with generosity and welcome with open-mindedness and gratitude without prejudice.
Freedom: being aware and without conditioning by developing one’s own lateral thinking.
Sustainability: pursuing economic objectives in balance with people and the environment.

To learn more, download the presentation attached.