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Pro Bono Italia provides free legal assistance, exclusively through its associates and network’s members, who take on the case on a voluntary basis, and according to their inclinations and specializations.


Clearinghouses are responsible for filtering requests for pro bono legal assistance and subsequently forward them to our network of lawyers.

To this end, they enable the matching of supply and demand for pro bono services. Each request for pro bono legal assistance coming from NGOs, Third Sector Entities and/or associations, as well as from individuals in need, who have difficulties in accessing justice, is submitted to the clearinghouses. In case of positive outcome, the request is forwarded to the members of Pro Bono Italia and to the lawyers of our network who, according to their skills and availability, voluntarily take on the case.


Are you an NGO, a Third Sector Entity, or an association, interested in receiving pro bono legal assistance?

You can contact one of the clearinghouses currently active in Italy.

Contact CILD

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    Contact CSVnet

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      Are you an individual in need, interested in receiving pro bono legal assistance?

      You can contact CILD's clearinghouse, which will assess your request for the subsequent forward to our network of lawyers.

      Download here the form to fill-in and sign. Attach it to the email to submit your request.

      Contact CILD

        Download here the form to fill in and sign here.

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        Are you a lawyer, a law firm, or a legal association, interested in joining Pro Bono Italia?


        Are you an attorney, a law firm, a non-profit, a legal clinic, or an individual, and interested in joining our network?


        Pro Bono Italia collaborates with legal clinics present in several Italian universities.

        In particular, Pro Bono Italia has signed a memorandum of understanding with some legal clinics that are part of the University of Perugia and the University of Roma Tre, to support them in their pro bono activities.

        An active dialogue constantly.

        Pro Bono Italia is in constant dialogue with its international partners,
        represented by NGOs, associations, foundations, networks of law firms and clearinghouses,
        in order to promote the exchange of ideas and realize common projects