42nd Italian PRO BONO Roundtable

Pro Bono Italia presents the 42nd Italian Pro Bono Roundtable.

The 42nd Pro Bono Italia Roundtable will be held on 15 June from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Milan offices of the Dentons law firm.

Preceded by a light buffet, the Roundtable will be an opportunity to

– get to know the NGOs new to our network and the latest projects carried out by law firms on the protection of war refugees;

– present the latest legislation and good practices on gender equality and diversity and inclusion.

Following this, we will discuss the state of justice, legality and the fight against the Mafia 30 years after the Capaci and via d’Amelio massacres.

Dentons, 1 Piazza degli Affari, 20123, Milan

15 June 2022

Italian Pro Bono Roundtable:
1 to 3 p.m.

Download the conference material:

•  Minutes
•  Slide deck by Ilaria Gobbato
•  Sant’Egidio’s community video
•  List of participants