49th Italian PRO BONO Roundtable Report

February 28, 2024: our 49th Italian Pro Bono Roundtable report

An intense day on 28 February that saw, after introductory greetings by our President Giovanni Carotenuto, the holding of both the Annual Members’ Meeting and the 49th Italian Pro Bono Roundtable with the seminar “ESG and the Third Sector.”

The participation exceeded our expectations and allowed us not only to provide an update on current activities, but also to discuss the impact of ESG regulation with its target audience: the for-profit, non-profit and professional worlds.

Challenges emerging from the seminar on ‘ESG and the Third Sector

Thanks to the enlightening Keynote speech by Prof. Carlo Alberto Pratesi, the challenges of the moment emerged, such as going beyond traditional fences and seeking effective collaboration between for-profit and nonprofit for a positive impact on society.

While, for companies, a concrete interest in social and environmental issues that goes beyond the logic of profit translates into talent attraction and managerial growth, it is up to the Third Sector to go beyond the “logic of legacies” and seek continuity and managerialism in order to produce value.

The tools to achieve these goals were clearly outlined by the panelists: careful data management, the importance of the supply chain, serious transition and development plans, and effective exchange of expertise that enhances respective organizational capabilities. Networking is the key to a healthy transition, of which smart contamination is an irreversible effect (as in the example of benefit companies).

The role of law and pro bono

With this in mind, the legal sector and its professions can play a key role, not only by assisting in enforcement, but also by serving as a link between for-profit and nonprofit.

Offering pro bono cases through our digital platform and designing and implementing projects with our national and international partners (lawyers, law firms, corporate lawyers, legal clinics, and NGOs) is a concrete example of how law can create value and foster profit/nonprofit osmosis, the basis of virtuous sustainability.

Our thanks to…

We would like to thank our partners Gianni&Origoni for their hospitality, AIGI with President Giuseppe Catalano and I-Com with President Stefano da Empoli for collaborating in organizing the seminar; the eminent speakers Prof. Pratesi (Roma Tre), Giovanni Marsili (Gianni & Origoni), Cristina De Luca (CSVnet), Mauro Del Barba (Assobenefit), Stefano Fasani (Open-es), Augusto Liani (UniCredit) and Maria Teresa Ricciardi (The Human Safety Net Foundation).

Thanks also to Olga Hamama, from United for Ukraine, with whom we laid the foundations for a fruitful collaboration.

The next appointment with Pro Bono Italy ETS

We provide you with the materials of the 49th Italian Pro Bono Roundtable and the registration for those who could not attend, while we look forward to seeing you at our next event which is set to Wednesday 12 June, in Milan, with the 7th edition of the Italy Pro Bono Day, as part of the European Pro Bono Week.

It will be an opportunity to celebrate the first 10 years of the Italian pro bono movement.